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Straps At The Music Zoo

A guitar strap is not only a necessity for every player, it can be a fashion statement too. At The Music Zoo, we know you need peace of mind when you're killin' those guitar flips (don't try them at home), but we know you may also want to look cool while doing them! And if you're more into the earthy, leather aesthetic, and need a strap to pair with your acoustic, we've got you covered too. We have straps of all lengths (adjustable or fixed), all materials (suede, poly, leather, vinyl, cloth woven, nylon) all shapes, and all sizes.

Need a built-in locking mechanism like the DiMarzio Cliplock strap? Check. A classy Levy's Leather strap that will age gracefully and last a lifetime? Check. '60s inspired weave straps from Jodi Head? Check. Or maybe you're a Gibson, Fender, or Taylor super fan and want your strap to match your guitar. You can also find your bass guitar straps here as well.

Whether your looking for form, function, or the best of both worlds, The Music Zoo is the place to buy your next strap. Make your next strap purchase online at The Music Zoo, or visit our New York showroom to shop today!