Guitar and Bass Accessories

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Guitar and Bass Accessories At The Music Zoo

Often overlooked despite their essential nature, The Music Zoo's selection of guitar and bass accessories will ensure you're prepared for any size gig. Whether you need a hardshell case, gig bag or maintenance kit to protect your investment, a quality strap so you can rock-out worry free, a cable or tuner, or even a cool shirt or hat to rep your favorite brand (or shop!), we're the destination with everything you need to add on to your first guitar purchase or to upgrade and streamline your pro rig. Buy your guitar and bass accessories online at The Music Zoo or visit our New York showroom to shop today - we're an authorized dealer for all your favorite accessory brands!

Accessory Types

Power Supplies & Adaptors

We stock an assortment of power supplies and adaptors to keep your pedal board in tip-top shape! Need a classic 1-Spot with multi plug? Look no further.

Pedal Boards

A solid pedal board is important for any pedal-happy musician. We have them in all shapes and sizes from top brands like Pedaltrain and Gator.


A good cable can give you peace of mind for your live performance, and even improve your tone! We have everything from that assortment of patch cables, to high end Mogami and Fender cables, and even speaker and microphone cables.


We usually have over 150 different types of guitar straps in stock! Our selection is impressive and spans many styles, from an '80s inspired cheetah-print DiMarzio Cliplock strap to a modern leather Taylor strap.


Don't forget about picks! The smallest part of the guitar rig, but also an important factor in tone, different picks have a big impact on playability and sound. Be sure to experiment and find your favorite! Or maybe you're already Dunlop Jazz III lover, or nylon or cellulose is more up your alley.

Polish & Maintenance

Guitar upkeep is very important, especially for your acoustic. We not only stock a variety of humidifiers to keep your acoustic guitar in ideal condition, but also have specialized polish and cloths, and electric/bass guitar maintenance kits as well.


For the singer songwriter in your life, who may be yourself, grab yourself a capo to make sure you're always playing in a register that compliments your voice!


Whether you're a slide playing pro looking to try a new size or material, or if you just want to experiment with slide playing, our selection of slides will get you where you need to be.


After you play, don't you want to display? We have a large variety of guitar stands, from floor standing and multi-guitar pieces to wall-mount hooks. Who doesn't love looking at a cool guitar, it doesn't always have to hide in the case!


A cool stool with your favorite branding can serve several purposes. Maybe you need to complete that basement bar, or just need a place to sit and play guitar without an armchair getting in the way.


Tuners are a must have for every guitar player. Whether you need a low profile soundhole or headstock tuner or a pedal tuner for your board, we can help.